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A couple of readings!

posted Sep 9, 2010, 9:03 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure

My daughter Katy and I had the honor of being early recipients of Kelly’s wonderful gift.  Last fall, at a youth group retreat, my mother came through Kelly and gave me a message I really needed to hear about me, how she felt about me, and how she understood some of the dynamics between Katy and me.  Then later that same day, one of Katy’s dear friends named Adam (who had taken his own life) came through for Katy.  Katy had been so hurt and confused by his passed that she really wanted to connect with him.  Kelly had insisted that Katy tell her nothing about who she wanted to come through and accurately described Adam by appearance to her and then asked if he had passed himself over to the other side.  Adam has communicated a lot through Kelly about how much he cares about Katy, how he knows now the pain he has caused for everyone here and that he is truly sorry.  He has done a lot of healing work on the other side and is helping others who have crossed themselves over do the same.  Connecting with  Adam has created a tremendous healing for Katy since she now knows he is ok and actually in a position to help others.  We have had Kelly in our home in the San Diego area several times and have been blessed to be able to witness healings with others as well.  Kelly has a lot of spiritual gifts and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. D.W. Poway, Ca

Touched by an Angel

posted Aug 26, 2010, 9:30 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Aug 30, 2010, 6:34 PM ]

When my daughter, Lauren, was about four years old, she and I went to visit my family in Florida. Every time I visited my mother, she couldn't resist paying for me to get my hair done. She dropped us off at the cutest little place,a little cottage converted into a hair salon. When we entered we met the hair dresser, really nice. Under the glass counter top were some pictures that looked like they were taken at the salon. Some had unusual light images. He told me they were images of an angel that was often spotted in and around the building. Later while I was getting hair foiled and bleached, my daughter was playing on the chair next to us and as we watcher her in the mirror we saw her catch her foot on the bar that raises the chair up and down and we were helpless to stop her as she plunged head first into the hard ceramic tile floor. Her for head hit and made a very loud "crack"  and all I could think was "she's going to need stitches at least" We jumped up and rushed to her and picked her up. She looked dazed at first and asked "What's wrong mommy." I lifter her bangs to inspect the damage and on her forehead where we both saw her hit and heard her hit, was...nothing. Not a mark. No cut, or bump or bruise or even a read mark. And Lauren never heard a sound or felt at thing. She never even knew she hit the floor. The hair dresser looked at me and said, "I told you." True Story.
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