If you are interested in hosting a reading please email

Here's the way it works...
    We set up a date and time
    You invite your friends and family to the reading
    Send out a reminder 2 days before the event.
    You put out a light refreshment for the event, tea, water, coffee cheese and crackers or cookies is perfect.
    Kelly will arrive and conduct the readings, creating a forum for discussion, questions, and participation.
    Kelly will read for as many people as possible in the time frame. Although everyone who attends a reading is there by divine appointment, and will benefit from all the messages that come through.

Pricing WFH

Individual readings  range from $175 for a single card or medium reading and - $225 for both readings together and run from an hour to 2-½ hours.

They can be intense, meaningful experiences. These readings are for the most part LIFE-CHANGING!  

Most of the time these readings are much more than just messages from spirit! They are healing and growing experiences for all participants.

Regular prices are as follows..

Group reading are a $300 minimum plus travel for out of the county (whichever county i'll be coming from and depend on how far I'll be traveling but basically it's about  $ .75 per mile - one way)

6-8 people it's $55per person

9-12 people it's $ 50per person

13 - 16 people $ 45per person

16 or more it's $40per person

The experience of the evening is such that spirit controls who comes through and who gets a reading. The prices vary because with smaller group the chances each participant has to get a reading is greater. With larger groups I put out more energy at focus but again, it's up to spirit who gets a reading. Group readings are meant for everyone to have the experience of witnessing each others messages and knowing that that is a meaningful experience for them too, whether or not they get a reading themselves. The group creates a loving and supportive and healing atmosphere and will have a wonderful time!