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Hey Kelly!

(Re: Emotional Energy Clearing)
I can't wait to experience this. I'm currently in counseling and I've learned more from you in the last 2 times you and I have met than the 6 weeks I've been with my counselor. 

Hi Kelly, So happy I decided to come to one of your events! Not really sure what I expected but meeting you and having you read for me was a profound experience. I was extremely touched that the first person you 'saw' for me was my little sister who passed away at a really young age. It brought so much peace to me. I felt guilt for many years that she passed so early in her life and that has since been somewhat relieved. You connected with an aunt of mine and the first thing you picked up was a high-pitch voice and singing. You couldn't have noticed a more true depiction of her as that is what most people remember of my aunt, her singing really touched everyone who heard her. You truly have a wonderful gift and I feel fortunate to have gotten to witness it as well as be a participant!!

~Sunny Laskey

I've had 3 sessions with Kelly within the past year. The 1st she connected with my Mom who had passed away a year earlier. Being a little skeptic I started taking down notes on everything that she was saying. Within 5-10 minutes Kelly confirmed specific traits of my mom that I didn't tell anyone and pinpointing several illnesses. She also connected with my brother who kept “jumping out & hiding” behind my Mom. Instantly I knew that was him because as kids he would constantly scare me like that. It was comforting to know they were both fine and helped me let go of some of the pain I was still feeling. The 2nd was an Energy Releasing session and Card Reading.  All I can say is if you have any doubts on whether to do it… just “get it done”. I had some emotional and physical ailments going on because my energy was unbalanced. Kelly guided me through specific exercises to release the negative energy and basically recharged and restored all those blocked channels. Afterwards I noticed colors around me were literally popping out. Also, during that session she gave me a card reading. Let’s just say several things have already come to pass. One example was someone she saw coming back into my life that I had a big impact on.  Weeks later I received a text from a friend that I hadn't heard from for over a year. I really didn't think I would ever hear from her again by the way things ended but she said I had been on her mind for the past couple weeks…wow. Kelly has a beautiful gift and my gratitude goes beyond words.  Her readings are on target and her healing sessions are extremely powerful. Thank you so much for all your love, support and kindness. I am so grateful for having you in my life.  TE – Laguna Beach, CA

The first time I met Kelly was when I was invited by a friend to a party where Kelly was going to do a group reading. I had no idea what to expect, and my husband who came with me was willing but skeptical. We were both blown away as was everyone at the party- most of the people there hadn't know each other before as they were from different areas of the hostess' life but we ending up laughing and crying together and so much healing took place and perspective was gained.

I could go on and on about the stories from the party, and the subsequent energy work sessions and family reading I've booked!  But it's just something you have to experience for yourself. Kelly is not only an incredible, clairvoyant, empathic medium she's also just the most loving, wonderful person!  The miraculous healing that has come into dark areas of my life is indescribable, things I thought would be wounds forever. She has become a personal guide and mentor for me when I've needed it most. She's easy to talk to about the tough things in life. She takes time to explain things about her abilities, spirit life, and how readings work. I think it's a big responsibility of a psychic to do this, and she does it brilliantly. My friends and family who have now met her are fans as well and are not easily impressed.


I had the good fortune to be introduced to Kelly almost last minute by a dear friend in Brighton UK

As a result of two readings with Kelly deep concerns and barriers around the accidental death of a friend 35 years ago were significantly reduced and I was able to relinquish a lot of Grief and Guilt around this (I had blamed myself for his death and this was not the case)

In addition a deep miscommunication between my late Father and I was resolved which resulted in tension dropping away from my body and a great sense of relief

I found Kelly to be very generous in her time taken to communicate and also refreshingly "Drama" free in this world of astral communications. 

Graham: Brighton, UK

Kelly is a most amazing, gifted individual

I met Kelly in the Arthur Findlay College, in Essex England, in April, 2011, & I had no idea how life- changing that chance meeting would be.

Later that summer Kelly visited me in Wales, UK, along with friends, Kate, Jackie & Kendra. I was then invited to stay with these beautiful people when I visited the States.

The following year I went to California to meet up with my new friends.  Whilst there, I was witness to Kelly’s exceptional gift in helping other people, in varying personal & emotional difficulties. 

My Personal life was at this time in an emotional quagmire, so I asked Kelly to take me through her process to help me with my situation. If I hadn’t followed the sessions that Kelly took me through, I know I would still, to this day, been in a state of turmoil & painful non-progression. The experience may have been a little ‘bumpy’, but the journey was so worthwhile.  I came out the other side, healed & with a new vibrant life ahead of me. 

The effect has been profound & life changing.  My family & friends are aware of the difference in my general being &I am now in a state of total Peace & forgiveness.  Forgiveness to myself as well as others!    

You have a wonderful gift & I thank you Kelly, my beautiful new sister & my very, very special friend,

Martin K. Wales, UK.

What people are saying about their experience....

My husband and I moved into our apartment with our children then, Jayden 2 ½  and Ryder just a month shy of 1, on April 9, 2010.  Since the first week, there has been unexplainable events: lights on and off whether they were plugged into the wall or not, stereo on with volume fluctuating, cabinets opening, bed shaking, someone pacing back and forth, computers turning on, hand print on Ryder’s hand last Christmas Eve with indentations, lights in different parts of the ceilings in the kids room, blinds moving, black fog over my bed, dizziness and confusion and last but not least…I captured an orb in a video that came from Jayden’s wrist while she was explaining to me why she keeps getting woken up every night. It’s been two years this April that we’ve lived here and I had Kelly and her friend Martin come by my place a week ago. They immediately felt many spirits present. Everything they spoke about I had a connection with and everything they saw was accurate. Mind you I’ve never met them or told them my story… I felt calm and at ease knowing that Kelly and Martin use a very positive approach with the spirits known and unknown. After the 3 hour reading and understanding what all of the activity was about I was relieved! We blessed the house and needless to say, we slept the whole night through for the first time in two years! The kids slept in their beds all by themselves and my family and friends feel the difference of house much lighter my home feels.Well, saying that Kelly hit the nail on the head is an understatement!! To both Kelly and Martin: I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming over. The connections you both made were unbelievable! I am so thrilled to have some sort of closure with past events and people that have crossed over. I can honestly say that our home feels more at ease and I can’t thank you enough for that!! Tonight  You truly have a blessing and a gift and I’m forever thankful for you and Martin.  
J. Mission Viejo

I absolutely am blown away by all you gave me in your reading. And I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much! You're an amazing person to know and your energy is so beautiful. You have confirmed and opened me up so much. Please keep me posted on your movements. I would love to recommend you to friends and family. Thank you Kelly!
Sarah E.
Brighton, England.

What a delightful evening! Great energy - positive & enlightening. Positive feedback that our souls continue to evolve & love us from the other side! Thank you Kelly!

Uplifting! Felt a clear connection with and communication from my father!
Jan S.

Interesting and entertaining! Kelly is amazing!

Interesting and great!

Today Kelly's story of a boy she saw passing a message to me previously was confirmed by another story of a separate visit. Just led to verification of a past reading. Thank you, Kelly!

Kelly is an amazing spiritual soul sister to me.  Not only because I have known her for many years now, but since knowing her even before her Whisper From Heaven events and readings, I have personally experienced transformation from someone that had ZERO self-esteem and hope to someone that is now able to (of course, not always but I have certainly come a looong way thanks to Kelly!) love, forgive, enjoy, and give to myself and to others.  Her approach works because it is based on truth and spirit.  Her approach to love and healing is effortless, meaningful, thorough and most of all it has saved and changed my life forever. 
I recently received a reading from her and in regards to her readings, she was able to sense and see my spirit guides...in whom one of them was my beloved great-grand father that I knew in my head that he was around me protecting me but never had been able to "see".  Kelly was able to pick his energy and visual up so accurately and now knowing that his loving energy is guiding me and protecting me has enabled great comfort and trust to move forward on my journey! 
Thank you Kelly so so much, I can never every thank you enough for all the support, love and the FUNNIES that you have gifted me.  Anyone that is touched by Kelly's love, kindness and compassion can only heal from the most deepest darkest place of life to a life that is full of light, abundance, effortless living and sense of purpose. Kelly,

S.M.San Pedro, Ca


I attended one of your gatherings last night and I wanted to let you know how gifted and amazing you are. When someone looses a loved one it can be so devastating and life altering. Your ability to communicate to the people on the otherside enables closure for the ones still here.

As you were connecting to the people in the rooms loved ones I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. It was almost like I wanted to cry as soon as you started communicating. The messages you had for the people attending were life changing. What you told them will give them the ability to move on a little bit easier.

When you connected to my friend who had died in a motorcycle accident it gave me a sense of peace. Your words reassured me that there is another side. And when we loose the people we love, they are safe and in a very good place. The experience I had last night will stay with me forever. Kelly thank you for who you are.

Ari - Temecula

Kelly was able to bring my mother through to me, and together we had immense healing of the past. I did not expect this moving experience could resolve such deep issues, but it happened. Thanks to Kelly, Love and Understanding has replaced everything else. What a profoundly beautiful and freeing experience!  MLP

I have had two readings with Kelly and both times I truly believe she has connected with spirits. I love that she is very spiritual and starts with prayer and meditation, so the experience is very soothing and comfortable. The readings are a great way to share time with your friends and loved ones as well as connect with loved ones on the other side. Both times I have felt very happy with the results.
Angie, A.V.

Kelly gave me such closure and peace after my father passed away. She shared physical issues about him that made me know it was him.

My father even revealed knowing a secret about my teenager. She later confirmed it.  Kelly is genuinely talented in communicating with people from the other side. I felt so much better after taking to Kelly.

Thank you, Kelly!


My daughter Katy and I had the honor of being recipients of Kelly’s wonderful gift.  Last fall, at a youth group retreat, my mother came through Kelly and gave me a message I really needed to hear about me, how she felt about me, and how she understood some of the dynamics between Katy and me.  Then later that same day, one of Katy’s dear friends named Adam (who had taken his own life) came through for Katy.  Katy had been so hurt and confused by his passing that she really wanted to connect with him.  Kelly had insisted that Katy tell her nothing about who she wanted to come through and accurately described Adam by appearance to her and then asked if he had passed himself over to the other side.  Adam has communicated a lot through Kelly about how much he cares about Katy, how he knows now the pain he has caused for everyone here and that he is truly sorry.  He has done a lot of healing work on the other side and is helping others who have crossed themselves over do the same.  Connecting with  Adam has created a tremendous healing for Katy since she now knows he is ok and actually in a position to help others.  We have had Kelly in our home in the San Diego area several times and have been blessed to be able to witness healing with others as well.  Kelly has a lot of spiritual gifts and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. D.W. Poway, Ca
After the death of a dear friend of mine I was lost and confused, a family friend offered me a seat at a spiritual reading. I went in skeptical and unsure, but when I saw Kelly my mind went to ease.
            My friend rob was the first person she saw, he ran around the room like he was driving a car and jingling key, proving to me that it was him (his death was by being hit by a car) but there was one thing only between he and I that I asked of him to prove to me that this was all real “rob,” I thought to myself “the other night in my room did you put that song in my head?”
            Kelly looked at me and said “this is cliché, but he’s mentioning a song”
I sat there with a million thoughts going through my head telling him that I loved him and missed him terribly, Kelly then said to me “he says he knows exactly how youre feeling he just wants to be with you right now”
I had never had an experience like this in my entire life, my whole body felt like gravity was excluding me and energy surged through me
            Kelly’s gift is extraordinary and to anyone who needs healing and closure, Kelly is the most patient, caring, and sensitive person I know to help you through it.


Kelly has helped guide me through some of the toughest times in my life. She is one of the most positive and caring people I know. She changes people’s lives…sometimes without knowing it. I have witnessed the amazing work she does with people living and people who have crossed over. It truly is a wonderful experience to see someone’s face when their relative or friend comes through and Kelly makes that happen. She is a blessing to everyone she meets. LM

I have known Kelly my whole life.  I have always been a little skeptical and unsure about the things she says at first; she has a way of sharing her gifts with me without trying to convince me of their truthfulness.  Even though I was not always 100% sure at first, she has helped me through many difficult things and has also helped me to create some of the best experiences of my life.


When I saw her one day and she told me that she now sees dead people, I just thought oh man I think she has officially gone crazy She began to tell me her experiences and, soon after, she told me of a spirit that she saw and it was really close to my heart.  I have since been to a few of her readings and like many other people I believe that she really can connect with spirits that have crossed over.  The way that Kelly’s readings are done makes the whole room and everyone in it feel at ease.   You are given an opportunity to experience and share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. It is a really amazing feeling to see and feel others connect with their loved ones through Kelly in such a loving environment. K.M.