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A Little Boy's Job in Heaven.

posted Apr 25, 2015, 8:08 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Apr 25, 2015, 8:09 PM ]
I learn something new from Spirit every day.

I once did a reading for a couple of women, it was meant to be a small group that night, but only two women ended up showing. As I was connecting with them, a young spirit boy popped in. He looked to be about 7 and he had kind of brown, spikey hair. He was so excited that I could see him, and was standing next to and looking at one of the two women, and kept shouting, "mom! mom! mom!" When I asked the woman if she had lost a son, she said, "no,". but he wouldn't let up. I described the boy to both women and they each claimed they did not know this boy. Then suddenly one remember...her friend who was originally suppose to be there that night has a young son who dies. "But he wasn't seven," she told me, "he was only four years old" "How long ago did he pass?" I asked. "About three years ago." She admitted. "So he'd be about seven now, right?" It all made sense finally!! This boy wanted to tell these women, to tell his mom, that he had been trying to reach her all these years, and help her know that he was okay. But he said that he couldn't really get through to her, she couldn't sense him around her, and it was because of her extreme sadness and feelings of guilt associated with his passing that was preventing her from feeling him. He said, basically, "If she could let go of some of that sad energy, I could get through!"

I hope his mom was able to release some of that sorrow and guilt, and know that her darling boy was around her, and 'alive' and well in heaven!! He even wanted her to know that he had a "job' in heaven, to help other children who pass into spirit without their parents learn to play and have their childhood in heaven. He was worried that his mom thought he didn't get to have his child hood.