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posted May 16, 2011, 3:24 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated May 18, 2011, 1:37 AM ]

This is how the Universe works on my behalf.
I found some money in my suitcase. American green backs. Not a whole lot, but something. I decided to go on a mission to exchange them for GBP. My first attempt brought me near the Brighton Pavilion to a shop called, 1 Stop Travel. A very young, nice man sat at a counter and asked if he could help me. ''Yes. Can you tell me please, do you exchange foreign currency? ''So sorry, no.'' Says the young, nice man. ''But if you just walk up North St, until you reach the T.K. Max, and turn left you'll see the Queen's (something) shop just there. I think they can change it for you.'' ''Thank you so much.'' Said I. And off I marched up North St.I found the T.K.Max and turned left, and began searching for any shop with ''Queen'' beginning the title. Didn't see one, but eventually found a bank and went inside and asked, ''Do you exchange foreign currency?'' ''Sorry, no,'' Said the young, nice woman.  ''We don't here. But if you walk that way you will see a T.K. Max on the corner, and right across the lane from the T.K. Max, you will see a Lloyds bank. I think they do there.'' Smiling, at the mention of the T.K.Max, I retraced my steps past it and as I passed the T.K. Max, I heard the sound of a familiar accent. American!! I looked and saw the owner of the voice speaking intently to another man. So, even though I had the thought to introduce myself, I just continued on my way, past the T.K. Max and across the road, looking for the Lloyds bank. I didn't find one, but instead saw a Barclay’s bank. So I went in, waited in line and approached the teller with my well-practiced question, ''Do you exchange foreign currency?'' ''Sorry, no.'' Said the young, nice man.''But if you go out of the bank and cross the street where you see the T.K. Max (swear to God!!) you will see a coin shop. They make change there.'' Really trying not to laugh out loud, I left the bank and thought to myself, 'I wonder why I'm supposed to know about this store?!?!'' As I passed the T.K. Max for the third time, I heard the American again, and again the thought occurs to me to say something, but I didn't. I walked past, found the coin shop and the young, nice man there changed my money. Whew! When I left there, I had to pass by the T.K. Max and the American, in order to head home. As I heard his accent again, I stoped,  turned around and said something terribly witty and profound, like...''An American!!''' I walked right up to him and introduced myself. He asked a few questions, until he found out about my work, and then asked me to join him and his friend around the corner to the park for a natter on the bench. (That's actually a lot more innocent than it sounds.) So I did. And we had a lovely afternoon. We exchanged emails and I hope we'll remain friends.