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The Man of Shame

posted Apr 5, 2011, 6:43 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 4:45 PM ]

The man of Shame

I've seen proof that the Universe will set up your perfect environment for you to learn and do what it is you are called to learn and do. 

I went to a clients house to help clear some energy she was disturbed by. During the reading I also saw a man stepping through her wall. I saw him quite clearly. He wore a grey shirt and jeans and no shoes. His hair was thinning on top and turning grey. He had a medium build and height, about 5'10". The only thing I couldn't see was his face. Suddenly as I was telling my client about this, I felt a sense of shame. I shared this with her, it was as if he just "couldn't face her" She validated who this person was and the reason for his shame. She shared that in life, he had purchased high priced items like expensive cars and homes. He really couldn't afford these things and inevitably they were being repossessed and foreclosed on. He felt so awful about this, he couldn't tell her the truth. She found out about this after he passed. After she validated this, this man shared with me that he found himself in a realm where he could possess only a shirt and jeans, and nothing else. He also appreciated and understood that this was for his highest good. He knew this was giving him the opportunity to learn and accept that his true self-worth did no lie in his possessions, but in himself. He was very honest that he knew this was his to learn and he was willing to stay in that dimension until he did .