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Wisdom grows forever.

posted Sep 9, 2010, 8:26 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated May 17, 2011, 11:44 AM ]

I'd like to share some of the meaningful things I've come to know as a result of doing this work.

I believe that people who are in heaven waiting to come to earth to live their life will often "hover" near the people they will be with, especially mom.

My body is a wonderful tool for energies to use to help validate some physical characteristic. I have the ability to feel physical sensations like a heart problems, emphysema, injuries, confusion,  losing consciousness. I can feel these sensations from people on the other side. The are not mine and it doesn't bother me to feel them because it provides definite validations for people on this side to know they were indeed connecting with their loved one from the other side.


I  see into many layers, levels or dimensions of Heaven. Our readings are surrounded with, and vibrate in, the most loving light and so we are blessed with receiving only loving energies vibrating at very high levels. But I believe that I've seen that those vibrating in the higher realms can lower their vibrations to allow contact with the lower realms, but not the other way around. I also believe that we must all do our inner-growth work in order to elevate to the next consciousness realm, and that the more work we do while we are in this dimension the higher we ascend when we cross over. But eventually we'll all reach the higher realms. I believe these vibrations eventually merge into oneness that takes place for all of us eventually, as individuality becomes less important to us.


People from the Other Side can show up as different ages than they left this realm....younger or older, for different reasons.


I can also see people who are not yet completely crossed over to the other side. The closer they are to making their ascension, the more detail I can see about their physical characteristics and the more I can feel their feelings and know their thoughts or messages.


I cannot read any thoughts they do not wish me to know, only those they wish to convey. I believe it may be that way for all of us, that in spirit form, only desired thoughts can be transmitted from one to another. I can only see those who wish to be seen as well.


I am so fascinated by my work. I really love helping people and learning as much as I can. People ask me if I read all the psychic's books and listen to all the CD's, but for now, I stand in the strength and the safety of God and enjoy learning straight from the other side. They have so much to share and enjoy sharing with me.