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"Prove it!"

posted Aug 19, 2010, 8:15 AM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Jan 5, 2011, 2:40 PM ]
Psychic work seems hard to prove and I think I get why this is...

I was hired to do card readings at a party for a law firm. I was asked by the event planner to give 5 minute readings to each guest so that all the guest could get a reading. 

Things were going along great until this one man approached. He stood next to the table and watched his friends and co-workers get readings, not saying much. In fact he looked relaxed and happy, like he was enjoying himself. But I could feel something else....challenging energy. I don't mind skepticism, in fact I encourage it in a healthy way.  (Meaning keep an open mind but , look to your own inner wisdom for guidance...don't make judgements or decisions solely on anyone's input, and be responsible for those decisions.) But this guy was more than skeptical, he felt...well....retentive. He wasn't giving anything at all, holding all energy and thought to himself. He asked for a reading and as I began I could see by the cards that this reading was pointless. Nothing was coming through at all. Out of a deck of 52 cards not one message was revealed. I told him he was so guarded that I couldn't read him. He insisted that he wasn't guarded and was making a valiant  effort to look open and relaxed, but all three of his friends laughed and confirmed that he was indeed one of the most guarded people they knew. I told him to go away and play for a while, have a couple drinks and then come back and try again.

He came back after many drinks, which was hilarious,  and with no guard up at all, had one of the most amazing and accurate readings of the night. He was blown away and so were his friends.

I don't think most people realize how much their energy interacts with other people's. Or how much they play a part in creating their surroundings with their energy. 

What is energy? We are all made up of energy. The whole universe is energy and everything in it is energy. Our thoughts have an effect on that energy, because our thoughts, and feelings, are also energy. Science is beginning to explain this as well. There are many studies demonstrating the efffects of thought on the surrounding environment or things in it.  It operates kind of like heat  energy, emanating out from the source and having an effect on it's surroundings. You can't see it, but you can see it's effects and you can feel it. Many people just don't know they can, they feel differently but don't know the source or have not practiced identifying it.

When I do readings, they are most effortless and successful when the person I'm working with is in harmony with me. When they are open and receptive and withholding all judgment. And if they are a non-believer, it becomes more challenging if they are trying to prove their beliefs, and will create evidence to support that belief. Their thoughts are saying "no" to the process, and so the environment responds in kind, with like energy. It says "no" as well. It gives nothing back because nothing is given out. 

The same is true for people who desperately desire a certain outcome. They put out a very narrow avenue to receive, and so very little comes through for them. If it's not exactly what they want and expect, they don't receive it. 

It's kind of like taste buds or the vision receptors in our eyes. If you only turn on your salty taste buds, you miss all the sweet stuff. If you block out the peripheral receptors you have tunnel vision. 

Be skeptical, but be open. Tell yourself, "Okay, I recognize and acknowledge that I don't know everything and that I don't know what I don't know. There may be something out there I don't know and it may be loving and safe. And I will not automatically dismiss or believe anyone else's beliefs out of hand, but will try it on for 24 hours, and consider new possibilities. I will decide what serves me best and adapt my beliefs accordingly."

Ask yourself, "what if...?"

I think a lot of people dismiss what doesn't feel safe for them. So I will address this issue in another post. 

Have a wonderful day!