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A Ghost asked "Please"

posted Jul 29, 2010, 2:31 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Jan 5, 2011, 2:42 PM ]
Last night I decided to take a trip back to my roots, so to speak. I went to the  Spirit Circle again. The night was slow and the energy in the room seemed stuck. But I did see a woman in the corner of the room to my right standing behind a man. She was standing very close to him. I was reluctant to tell him about her because she wasn't coming through very strongly and I didn't have very many details to give to him. And at one point I decided I definitely wouldn't be sharing this experience. And at that thought, I felt her plea. I don't really hear voices....but I "know" what they are saying. It's like suddenly I'll just know something...as if I've known it about them all my life. I have no idea how the information gets there, it's just suddenly there. Anyway, I suddenly knew this woman really wanted me to talk to the man in the chair. She was making a sincere request from the heart that I do this for them, speak to him and tell him she was there, and I knew it meant a lot to her. I was still not comfortable saying it out loud in the group but I did go tell him after the group was over and he validated that he knew who it was and how they felt about each other. It was an amazing thing.