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A Boy Called 'Angel'

posted Jan 22, 2011, 1:24 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Jan 24, 2011, 10:48 PM ]
I had a profound experience with a reading today.
I had been in the process of making the 'brilliant ' discovery that I was worried that I wasn’t always going to be able meet the expectation of others. In doing some self realization work with a friend, she helped me see that the unrealistic expectations were actually coming from me!! I expected people to show me that I was important, to validate my gifts and abilities by showing me their appreciation and amazement. My intention in doing this work had begun from the desire to be of the highest and greatest service I could be in this life, but I ended up expecting my clients to prove to me I was.

Today, as a result of my new found awareness, I let all that go. The reading that followed was then indeed of the greatest service to a client, and also to me. She had lost a baby some years back, and I saw him with her. Standing beside her, looking about 4 years old and resembling her other young son very much. He looked like him, but he wasn’t him. He was passed, and I could see him clearly. He was such a dear and warm spirit....soul....and he told me how much he loves this woman. I felt his affection for her. He told her that he simply wasn’t quite ready for this world yet...he was far too sensitive for it’s current realities. He conveyed that if he were to have come, he would have struggled mentally and emotionally in that lifetime. He explained that he needed more time to prepare so that he could return to help people. He would return again in this family, that he still felt so connected to. He even described the personality he would have when he does arrive, down to the interests he holds that will become his hobbies, so that she will recognize him when he returns into her life in another generation.

And suddenly I understood one possible reason some people may have emotional and even mental issues. Their precious souls are more intensely sensitive to this world and all it’s troubles, but because of their desire and commitment to help us here on our planet in turmoil, they chose to come anyway. This boy needed more time, and many of them may also. But I think he is wise to take more time, and they are all brave, and I’m grateful for their contribution and their sacrifice, so that we may learn patience, and kindness, and understanding, and acceptance, and love. My true desire is that we all pay attention, learn, and live these principles so their noble venture will not be in vain.

My client alter told me she always called her unborn son, 'Angel'

Thank you, young boy, and your mother, for sharing your wisdom to bring me this realization. I hope I meet you again when you return.