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87% Validated

posted Aug 4, 2010, 9:40 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure   [ updated Aug 12, 2010, 2:12 PM ]
While I was waiting at the DMV today, I took out my notebook and listed all the readings I can remember doing since this whole thing began and then I put a star next to all the readings that were validated by my clients. The nice young man standing in line next to me helped me with the math and I figured out my success rate, We took the number of readings I've done that clients validated as being real, and divided it by the total number of readings I've done and it turned out to be quite high....%87.5 percent. The remaining number of readings weren't necessarily invalid, they just were not validated at the time of the reading.

I did this little exercise because recently I attempted a phone reading and very little came through and absolutely nothing I said was validated by the "client" (luckily...this was a free reading I was doing for practice) and I was discouraged. This has only happened a very few times, but I was really focusing on this and allowed myself to feel a bit like a failure. 

It hit me like a train! I've been focusing on my failures and not my successes. That's what I've been doing to myself!! I've been following this program!!

Everytime I express my feelings of failure to my friend Marilyn, she reminds me of my successes. Thank GOD for Marilyn!!  (I hope you have a Marilyn...and if you don't, get one!)

Well, it finally got through to me. So I decided to take a truthful look at my record. I wanted a concrete analysis of my success rate. And I was so thrilled to see that I have been extremely successful with my readings!!!

Then suddenly, it hit me again...this isn't me. I can not take the credit for this!  I cannot control what information comes through when I'm doing a reading, or who comes through, or for whom they come through, and I cannot dictate what they say. It's not up to me. I can only be willing to be there, to show up and sit still. To wait and listen and pay attention and to convey a message. To get out of the way and allow some people to connect with each other, and to try not mess it up!!

Thank you God, for the privilege of this work!! I am completely honored to be of service.