posted Feb 22, 2012, 5:30 PM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure

I held a seminar in Temecula a few weeks ago. A woman came, who happened to be a friend of my mothers. She’s simply lovely.

I hadn’t seen her in a few decades really ,and although I knew she had a son who passed away recently, I had never met him and knew very little about him. Other than he was VERY ill for at least 3 years before he actually passed away.

He came to her that day. He was sitting next to her taking notes on a note-pad. I could see his body pretty clearly, except his shoulders, arms and head. He wouldn’t show this to me so I had trouble describing him. But his mother knew him from the description of his personality. She said that he had been so ill in his final days, that he would not have wanted anyone to see him that way. It made since to her that he wouldn’t show his arms and face.

He had a lot to say, about how he behaved when he was still alive. His mother began to cry as she recognized that he was trying to apologize to her for being a difficult son sometimes.

And then he offered her a great gift. He explained to her two things. One- why he left so young, and two - why it took 3 years.

It took 3 years because before he passed his soul made a decision that he needed to change. That he wanted to grow and learn and work on many issues here, in life, before he passed into spirit. And according to his mother, he did work on those things, and was a changed man by the time he passed away.

And the reason he left so young was that he had such mighty work to do on the other side, right now. He told his mother that she had taught him so much about love and life and about how to be a man. And then he also grew and gained more insight in other ways, until he was ready for his next go into spirit and help people who crossed over before they had the chance to finish work ing on their own issues, in life.  He was now helping them grow and learn and work on those issues on the other side.

What a noble sacrifice this man made to help other souls. I think he and his mother are very brave.