Growth in the Afterlife

posted Feb 20, 2012, 10:08 AM by Psychic Medium Kelly McClure
I'd love to share some insights with you about my work. I call them insights, because I learn so much myself through the readings I do for others... For instance, I learned that we continue to grow and evolve after we pass into spirit! Same with our loved ones. Perhaps you know of someone who passed away and all you really wanted for them was to be happy before they died. Maybe that didn't seem to happy. I met a boy in spirit who was so depressed that he had taken his own life. But even in his after life he was working on healing. It was an awakening for him because he thought his life was making him depressed, but with his life gone, and his depression still present in him, he realized it was he who needed to change. And he has!! I saw him again two weeks later and his energy was so much lighter and he was so much happier!! And his message to others is that he hopes young people will know that they can change their lives before it's too late. 
Love you Adam! Thank you for this insight!!