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Kelly McClure has studied metaphysics for over 25 years. Kelly has an amazing ability to connect with people, young and mature,  and explores ideas with humor and charisma, bringing insight, clarity and comfort for her audience. After overcoming a past full of nearly unspeakable challenges, Kelly now lives an extraordinary life, and shares how to LIVE the principles that empower you and enable you to create the life of your dreams!!

Kelly has also rediscovered her very natural ability to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned back into spirit, as well as guides, angels and spiritual healing-beings, and is passionate about bridging Heaven and Earth and sharing in a very real sense how to live as a Spiritual Earthling naturally.

Kelly also in an expert in child development and she is gifted in working with children and young people who struggle with life, and the challenges of growing up on earth as spiritual beings, and helps empower these light-workers to embrace their gifts and share them with the world.

More about Kelly:

Writes, Casts, Coaches, Directs, Produces Children's Plays
Writes other plays for people for special topics or events
Work with kids on self-worth and life issues
Emotional and Spiritual Coach
Speaking Engagements- Motivational and Spiritual Speaker
Read Cards
Work with animals