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Medium Readings, connecting with loved ones in spirit, and card readings dealing with life issues and guidance from the other side, can be intense, meaningful experiences. These readings are for the most part LIFE-CHANGING!  

Most of the time these readings are much more than just messages from spirit! They are healing and growing experiences for all participants.

Individual Readings are billed as follows... 
$150 per hour.
($175 per hour Beginning in June)

The prices for group readings are as follows...

New Pricing as of Jan 2016

Group reading are a $300 minimum plus travel fee for out of the county

6-8 people it's $55 per person

9-12 people it's $ 50 per person

13 - 16 people $ 45 per person

17 or more it's $40 per person

And a %50 discount on group readings if we can film it for our show on You Tube “Life. After Life” (which depends not only on the willingness of all the participants, but also whether our camera crew is available)

Readings may be conducted at our location in Wildomar, Ca or at your location. There is a travel fee of $.75 per mile, measured one way distance, for travel out of the Lake Elsinore area.

The experience of the evening is such that spirit controls who comes through and who gets a reading. The prices vary because with smaller group the chances each participant has to get a reading is greater. With larger groups I put out more energy at focus but again, it's up to spirit who gets a reading. Group readings are meant for everyone to have the experience of witnessing each others messages and knowing that that is a meaningful experience for them too, whether or not they get a reading themselves. The group creates a loving and supportive and healing atmosphere and will have a wonderful time!

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Group Readings $ 40- $ 60 per person/ $300 min £ 25-40 per person  
Individual Medium Reading $ 175 / hour £ 125 
Private Card Reading $ 175 / hour £ 125 
Card reading and Medium Reading $250 ($150/ first hour and $100 each additional hour £ 180 
Home Healing TBD TBD 
Seminar 25 + People TBD TBD 
Transforming Reluctant Energies $125/hr £ 75 
Travel Fee .75 cents per mile 1 way for out of area £50 + 
Showing 9 items