Group MediumReadings-Living room style group readings, inviting loved ones who have crossed over to connect with us and share their messages of love. Number of participants vary between 6 to 12. Hostess books a date and time and invites her friends and family to join.

Individual  Medium Readings - One on one readings in person or over the phone. Inviting loved ones to  connect, or giving messages for participants friends or family. Readings are usually between 45 and 75 minutes long.

Individual Card Reading- Using an ordinary deck of playing cards, helping to create a calm, comfortable reading and open the channels from the heavens to guide, and heal personal and life issues.

Home Healing - Removal of uninvited or disturbing energies from you home, creating a peaceful, loving environment. 

Seminar-  As Kelly is guided by spirit to give a number of audience members readings, we discuss insights and wisdom brought through from the other side.  Kelly will answer questions from the audience.

Talks - Working with churches and other facilities on Spiritual Healing and Personal Empowerment. Discussing and sharing our connection to spirit and higher spiritual self. 

Transforming Reluctant Energies- Making a connection with earth-focused spirits, with love, understanding, and acceptance, through prayer and meditation, helping them move onto a higher experience in a lighter dimension.  

Emotional Energy Healing Sessions- focusing on the energy the emotions have placed in the body and 'allowing' them to move and release, removing the blocks that have stopped you from moving forward and creating the extraordinary life you desire.

Working  with the Young and  the Spiritual  --   Kelly is gifted at working with children and teens, to help them recognize their authentic, divine power, in order to learn to create the experience they want with spirit energy or with life itself!

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