Our Beliefs

We believe in oneness. We believe that EVERYONE has their own understand of spirituality and ""God, and we honor all paths and walks of faith. We also honor those who do not believe in any higher being. We have no conflict with any religion, or belief system and believe the each and every person's belief system is right and true for them and need not be imposed one onto another. 

Personally I believe that as humans we still have a limited understanding of the beyond, and that as we evolve so does that understanding. I'm sure my perception of God and spirituality will continue to grow and evolve, as I believe everyone's will. My wish is that everyone finds whatever brings them peace and gives their lives meaning for them. 

I believe there are as many versions of truth as there are people on this planet.And because I believe this, it is true for me, just as your beliefs are true for you. I honor and respect you for them.